Football 3

We ask you to play fair and without any violence, it is about having fun. The referee's word is sacred, whether wrong or not, his decision will not be discussed. Any team that violates the rules or demonstrates an aggressive attitude will be disqualified from the competition.


Participants have to give their names through the Intranet from Friday at 16:00 pm. That night the coupling will be decided. The matches timetable will be made public through the website and the Intranet, and results can be seen after matches in that very page.

Where and when

Qualifiers will be played in the space between the partyplace and the sleeping area from Saturday at 11:00 pm on. Semifinals and the final will be played from Sunday at 12:00 pm on. Competition timetable or location might change in case of rain. If a team is not present at the time of the match will be considered disqualified, so stay tuned.

Game mode

16 teams. Game mod will be direct qualifying. 10 minutes matches will be played divided into two 5 minutes parts. The winning team qualifies. If there was a draw an extension will be played divided in two 2 minutes parts. If the draw remains penalties will be thrown. They will be thrown from the middle field and there will be no goalkeeper A 3 penalties round will be thrown and if the draw remained sudden death system will be used. A player cannot throw twice until the rest of the players in his team has thrown once.

Game rules

A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 players will give their names, but just 3 people can play at the same time, notwithstanding their sex. You can change at any time if you feel tired. It is compulsory for every team to have a captain who will communicate results to organisers. Every player can play with just one team.

Football rules will be followed except for these:

  1.  Any foul will be punished with a free-kick and opponents must be at least 3 metres away.
  2.  Throw-ins will be made by foot and direct goals will not be allowed. Opponents must be at least 2 metres away.
  3.  No player can play as a goalkeeper.

We beg you fair play and not to use violence. Should a team break these rules or misbehave they will be disqualified.

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