IOT Arduino UNO via the Internet

The following points will be seen in this workshop:

  • Review: We will start by reviewing the basic concepts of Arduino.
  • We will review the concepts of digital and analogue input and output.
  • Revising the basic programs to connect a button, a relay and an analogue sensor.
  • Ethernet module. We will see how the Ethernet module is connected to the Arduino.
  • Programming a server in the Arduino UNO. Loading an example program to the Arduino UNO which turns it into a server.
  • Personalising this program for our needs. We will play with the possibilities offered by the example code.
  • Connecting all the modules to a router with access to the Internet and connecting from the outside to our Arduino.

Teacher: Víctor Pardo

Timetable: 23 July, Sunday at 18:00 (Estimated duration of the course: 50-60 minutes).

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