Rubik Cube Course Structure

The following points will be seen in this workshop:

  • Introduction: Brief description of the history of the cube, world records and other types of cuboids.
  • Structure of the cube: Explanation of the mechanical operation of the cube, assembly and maintenance.
  • Notation and algorithms: Basic notation and introduction to the term 'algorithm'.
  • Positioning of fingers and grip of the cube: Not all cuboids are gripped in the same way and the placement of fingers is important to gain time.
  • Overview of the method for beginners: Rapid description of this method for its subsequent step-by-step explanation.
  • First layer cross: The first step and partly the most important.
  • Reduced F2L method: The second method which will enable us to carry out two steps in one.
  • Orientation and permutation of the last layer: the last and most complex part due to the introduction of algorithms as such, although due to the method, they will be less than 10.

Teacher: Víctor Abad

Timetable: 24 July, Monday at 18:00 (Estimated duration of the course: 50-60 minutes).

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