National Robotics League

The last session of the national robotics league ( will be disputed at the Euskal Encounter before an audience of more than 5000 attendees at the party who for 5 days will enjoy the biggest LAN party in southern Europe.

At the Euskal Encounter the 4 teams that form the PRO division in the ninth season will face each other in the autonomous race category, where driverless cars fight to stay in a closed track without being ejected by their rivals or driving off it themselves due to the speeds involved.


  • Puma Pride from CLM
  • Gadget from CAT
  • Smith from CAT
  • CDCRobotics from MAD

22 July, Saturday at 17:00 on the main stage (Estimated duration: 45 minutes).


  • 1st - €200
  • 2nd - €170
  • 3rd - €130
  • 4th - €100


History of the national robotics league

The National Competition Robotics League (LNRC in Spanish) was founded on 1 January 2009 with the aim of promoting team work and the importance of continuous training and excellence in results. Annual seasons have been held since 2009 (2008 retroactively) and includes the best robot competitions (the most stable, the best organised, those with the largest audiences and the best prizes). And now the Euskal Encounter is joining this promotion so that it can continue to grow.

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